Item Code : MN2211002

    "My Name Is" Mug Cup

    2,970Yen (tax included)

    【My Name Is】

    A mug with an ukiyo-e-style graphic of an MC that broke through racial walls with his outstanding sense and technique.
    A graphic made with respect for the legendary rapper who rose from rags to riches with only a microphone.
    The graphic was done by Ken Hamaguchi, an artist known for his excellent skills and bold compositions.
    Use daily as your favorite mug while enjoying your coffee or soup.
    Perfect for your own break time or a gift for others during this time where everyone’s spending more time at home.

    [Ken Hamaguchi: profile]
    Ken Hamaguchi graduated from Tama Art University in 1997 with a degree in Japanese Painting.
    While focusing on illustration, he made his debut as an artist at his solo exhibition, “Black, scriptures, others” (at Takahashi Collection Kagurazaka), and uses mostly music, pop culture, and subcultures as motifs in his work.
    Recent exhibitions include, “The Insides of Television?” (WISH LESS Gallery, Tokyo 2021), “Eight Views of Tokyo” (un petit GARAGE, Tokyo), and “PICK YOUR GOD 2020” (WISH LESS Gallery, Tokyo).